Georges St. Pierre says he's not a father or in rehab...or anything else people claimed

Georges St. Pierre says he's not a father or in rehab...or anything else people claimed

So remember that one time when TMZ Sports told everyone that Georges St. Pierre is taking time off due to an unplanned pregnancy, his father dying, and a lawsuit with his former manager? Well it appears that all of it is not true according to GSP -- which makes TMZ look like the TMZ of MMA. There you guys, no longer do we have that title. Whew.

TMZ actually interviewed GSP to corroborate their earlier report and the UFC welterweight champion denied all allegations, and he did it with style.

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-5 # shaddix 2013-11-21 11:23
sooooo,... still george didnt look to convincing. Anyways. that interview was so unprofessional. HELL!
+17 # SkeetEmUp 2013-11-21 11:27
its a tmz ambush, not an interview. what do you expect?
+8 # Wanderson Silver 2013-11-21 11:37
Sighhhh... The UFC's biggest star and STILL has to wait in line at the airport. Not quite mainstream yet!
-4 # middlemenstruation 2013-11-21 12:29
-1 # middlemenstruation 2013-11-23 13:33
fuck you to anyone who doesn't consider this man a living legend
0 # NoHomo 2013-11-21 14:22
YESSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSS!!!! GSP is still Gay. He never claimed to be straight
-1 # Anon 2013-11-21 19:07
I seen Drake, Lady Gaga, Jackie Chan, Hugh Jackman, Kanye West, 50 Cent, etc all wait in line and they are mainstream.
0 # The Truth Hurts 2013-11-21 20:30
Why does TMZ hire all these idiotic black guys to persue stars? They have absolutely no idea how to ask questions "Um...But...Wel l look. Ya know? This uh,....This baby. Um...Uh." What a fucking moron. All they are is aggressive and that's it. Is that why they hire them? Because they don't give up? They just bull forward and they don't care how they come off or how dumb their questions are. F them.
+5 # SHIN 2 THE CHIN 2013-11-21 20:40
Fuck TMZ
-1 # katoh 2013-11-21 20:55
Man, Its hard to get a read on GSP, his body language is close to impecable, or he is actually telling the truth most of the time. I know this, trust me.
-1 # katoh 2013-11-21 21:01
I would say out of the 3 (baby, rehab, sick dad) the rehab is the most likely, there were slight giveaways there. THANK ME LATER BITCHES, free expertise.
+1 # holyfuck 2013-11-21 21:13
look how intimidating George looks in every day clothing...i mean holy fuck he has so many sharp edges and cuts in his body it's ridiculous. He looks like he was created in a fucking lab
+5 # Macca 2013-11-21 22:12
Fuck people hounding this man, it's pathetic. Let the guy have some peace and some time away to get his head together, he's earned it.
-1 # jt33 2013-11-21 22:21
what a confusing situation.. one minute hes retiring, the next he want some chick to get an abortion and his dad is dying, and then next everything he fine and hes smiling while saying he will be fighting again soon..
-1 # cutu2bad 2013-11-22 07:43
Im not impressed by Tmz porfrmance ,They are boaring and can not finish a story!God Dam Sleeping Pill Is the GOAT .
0 # Nazty111 2013-11-22 15:25
The reason johnny Hendricks lost.
-1 # SST 2013-11-22 22:22
gsp, 1-3-5
0 # lycan_warlord 2013-11-23 08:16
I used to like middle easy until i realized that their servers are inside gsp's scrotum. and zeus' house is on his taint.
0 # thedigitalgrove 2013-11-24 17:29
The bigger story here is that Georges said he was stepping away from fighting and that he would be training for himself.

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