Glory 12 is tomorrow, and they want you to see their ring girls dance in lingerie before the show

Glory 12 is tomorrow, and they want you to see their ring girls dance in lingerie before the show

The battle for ring girl supremacy will go on long after this article is written. In fact, I’ll be asleep while you guys argue about it in the comments. Tomorrow night, GLORY 12 will air live from Madison Square Garden, 100% free on SpikeTV, and most of you will tune in to watch Giorgio Petrosyian navigate through a tournament of elite kickboxers with ease. The rest of you are either Joe Schilling fans, or ring girl connoisseurs who recognize talent when they see it. These ladies are fine; The kind of women you’d take to Red Lobster during Lobster Fest and let them order imported beer, even though it’s $3.00 more than a domestic option. Don’t worry, the cheddar bay biscuits are still free and they keep bringing you more if you run out. It more than makes up for the difference.

That being said, here are four beautiful women that represent another reason why you should watch GLORY 12 tomorrow night; you know, besides the obvious incentive (elite kickboxers and such).


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+8 # SS T 2013-11-23 00:27
who wants ti stare at chicks in underwear? JUST BLEEEEEED out yer vag bitch
+7 # esto 2013-11-23 01:46
Glory ring girls > UFC card girls, all day, every day, 365 days a year. It's not even a contest. Glory ring girls are just eons finer than Arianny, Brittney and the rest of them.
-5 # FelchingClub 2013-11-23 03:32
What did I just watch?!
+24 # GONZO 2013-11-23 04:27
Hot chicks, badass fights...I don't know whether to masturbate or masturbate
0 # SnakeJake 2013-11-23 04:52
Which one would I choose? Probably the slutty one at the end.
-1 # AuntieRazor 2013-11-29 18:08
She'd take one look at your sagging, old, toilet water-reaching ball sack and laugh you into another dimension.
+4 # MewTwo 2013-11-23 09:01
and the winner is Glory! perhaps some of the hottest ring girls in the history of combat sports...
-5 # pride_power 2013-11-23 09:30
-1 # NoHomo 2013-11-23 14:31
These kind of garbage promotion distracts from the important stuff. The men
+2 # NoHomo 2013-11-23 14:35
i mean the fighters men
-4 # THOMAS 2013-11-23 16:23
Completely STUPID! Way to promote the sport... GLORY will be out of business in 6-8 months. They are running out of money:)
0 # SST 2013-11-23 18:06
those are the wholesome, girl nextdoor type girls to bring home to mom
+3 # leg kick to the head 2013-11-23 21:03
wrong! those are the type james bond squirts in
+8 # Klaus Färber 2013-11-23 21:12
Real men don't have sex with girls.

Real men bang other dudes!!!

It doesn't take a real man to mount some little soft feminine kitten, but it takes a real man to bend a junk yard dog over and stuff him full of sausage!!!!!

Bang'n chicks is gay!!!!
+4 # Bulk Bogan 2013-11-23 22:10
Finally someone has said it.
-1 # NoHomo 2013-11-24 09:29
-1 # SnakeJake 2013-11-26 13:46
Isn't this a bit by that Australian stand-up comedian?

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