Tim Kennedy defeats Michael Bisping in a raucous bout of wrestling and fisticuffs

Tim Kennedy defeats Michael Bisping in a raucous bout of wrestling and fisticuffs

Let me get this out of the way - America, eff yeah. There. Okay. Tim Kennedy has defeated Michael Bisping in 25 minutes of activity that would burn all of our calories for a week. Everyone. Now, Tim can go home, wrestle a pig and then deliver us the next episode of Cooking With Tim in the wake of the greatest victory of his career. Ah, it feels good. What is he making again? Pulled pork or something I think? Either way, it will be good, because it is a victory meal. There are few things better than victory meals.

With this knock down, drag out, scramblefest of a fight past us, and with Kennedy and Bisping finally punching each other in the face as hard as they can, now, and only now, can we eat in peace. Some may scoff at Tim's dominant top control despite Bisping's ridiculous cardio and ability to make it back to the feet, but Tim also rocked Bisping with some nasty overhand rights. The judges got it right.

Good ****. And now they are friends. Hugs all around.

Vid from Zprophet.

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+9 # SnakeJake 2014-04-16 20:14
WOW, can't wait to see more of Tzzzzzzzzzzz... :zzz
-2 # Fight Pass Fighter 2014-04-18 10:15
Tim Kennedy belongs on the UFC Fight Pass cards only. Dont you ever...ever ....ever...wast e my fucking time....Why did I think this fight was going to be good...
+11 # PERPATRAITOR 2014-04-16 23:27
That was very cool of Bisping but i cant say it wasnt expected. Hes a gentleman that sells fights. We canr always hate him bc of his england va america background with henderson. Great guy, great ambassador, great fighter. Good fight! Cheerio!
+8 # Alabama Pigdog 2014-04-17 01:09
Kennedy went in there and tried to hold Bisping down so he wouldn't get kicked, punched and embarrassed... plan your fight, fight your plan... well done!

I watched it and when it was finished, sat on the toilet and thought, "OK, it was a split... but for who?" If I was a judge, I would evaluate it like this: Who could make it to Rd 6? In my mind, Bisping could have and as such should have won the fight.

But in my world, things are perfect and pretty, with flowers, peanut butter cups, marshmallows, horny young(ish) women, free German beer, and Royce Gracie 90min fights......... ...........
-4 # jt33 2014-04-17 02:12
this fight was ok.. wheres the gif of the guy saying "hi mom". that guy was impressive
+1 # MMAsshole 2014-04-17 04:50
remember when bisping used to only beat cans that could never make it into the top ten and get his face smashed by elite fighters? I miss those days.

LOL the stars are aligned for an Anderson VS Bisping matchup though
+4 # guppy 2014-04-17 07:02
That had to be one of the most boring fights I've ever witnessed. And I don't put the blame on Bisping. Tim Kennedy pretty much held him down for 20 out of 25 minutes. Just like the other army clown, what's his name Colton Smith? Fuck these guys. Tim Kennedy or Ranger or whatever the hell he called himself has nothing to be proud about. In fact I believe he should drop in rankings and Bisping should go up. That fight sucked. Now I get the whole firing of wrestlers thing. Wrestling is great when used sparingly. One dimensional fighters just kill the the event. No wonder people were booing...
+8 # Tank 2014-04-17 07:37
Kennedy is just an unlaudable Jake Shields. At least there was some finese in Shields' ground game. Kennedy is just a plodding pile of unwatchable cringe.

I'd rather watch a Bisping fight a million times than have to watch Kennedy just once. Tim Kennedy is porridge.
+4 # Metal Guard 2014-04-17 08:06
If I never have to see another fight where a guy hugs someone's legs or torso for most of the fight just to keep them pinned down and then not bother to go for any submissions, I won't be upset or angry, I swear!

Dana needs to introduce the world to yellow and red cards. If you're going to leach onto someone's body just so they don't fight, you need to lose your purse. This is called prize fighting, if I want to see rec wrestling I'll go down to my local middle school.
-1 # NoHomo 2014-04-17 15:08
that is a wonderful idea. your car or mine?
-1 # fedorssweater 2014-04-17 14:31
Either Bisping had an off night or his guard is horrible. He was mounted atleast 3 times in that fight. Lucky for him, Tim couldn't do anything with those mounts.
+1 # grinders? 2014-04-18 10:09
Lets just keep it real.....Grinde rs (wrestlers that can only submit people when thier Fucking tired and cant defend) need tools to be successful. Kennedy was satisfied dry humping Bisping. Pathetic! Couple of suggestions to stop this from happening. Knees to the ground....Trust me....add another demension to the ground. Making it more dynamic attacks increase in finishes. Not just by knee strikes...but it can open up the ground game. If a fighter cant get up. Whats more motivating that a knee to the dome. Stand up fighters not trying to improve position. Granted Kennedy mounted Bisping. Man the whole punching to reset the standing clock is fucking BS. Granted there are few that can finish with strikes with in a guard. The thing is the rate of strikes and position improvement. Stand the fucker up....Tim Kennedy seem to be more acceptable than Ben Askren. Why? IDK? better looking? not as arrogant as the self licking ice cream known as Ben Askren....They fight the same damn way. This is why the UFC didnt want Him as thier new champ. Yes Ben Askren is the human blanket.He would make any welterweight look like bisping...even worst...

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