Wanderlei Silva injured his back in the brawl with Chael Sonnen, TUF Brazil fight is postponed

Wanderlei Silva injured his back in the brawl with Chael Sonnen, TUF Brazil fight is postponed

If Chael Sonnen injured Wanderlei Silva's back while wearing flip-flops in an impromptu fight in which he took a cheap shot to the head, just imagine what Sonnen will do to Wand when he's had a full training camp and is actually wearing fight attire.

After last night's TUF Nations Finale which resulted in a one-sided beatdown from Kennedy, Dana White commented on another one-sided beatdown, this time the brawl from the first episode of TUF Brazil. I'm sure all of you guys have seen it -- and if you haven't, exit your cave and click here. Check out the transcript of White's statement via MMA Junkie.

What happened was Wanderlei got hurt in that fight. He got double legged on the concrete and he hurt his back. He hurt his hand punching Chael in the head and he got injured.

He couldn’t fight on time because he got hurt in the fight f—ing coaching a show. I’m done being angry now. I was angry when it happened. It’s just disgusting.

But seriously you guys, who has Wanderlei Silva winning that bizarre scuffle? It's clear Sonnen is the champion, now let's award him the friggin' belt already.

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+3 # jt33 2014-04-17 14:50
im pretty sure this is just spin..last i heard wand still hadnt even signed the contract yet and i havent heard any updates saying differently
-1 # fedorssweater 2014-04-17 14:54
Quoting jt33:
im pretty sure this is just spin..last i heard wand still hadnt even signed the contract yet and i havent heard any updates saying differently

Was thinking the same thing. Let the conspiracy theories begin.
+3 # Jean_Claude_GodDamn 2014-04-17 15:11
Is it me or is Wanderlei turning into a Diva. We probably wont see this fight come to fruition with Wanderlei wanting hella $ to fight Chael.
+4 # STFU 2014-04-18 12:48
What happen is Wand had some simple request...
1) he wanted Sandstorm to be played not just when he comes in.....but throughout the fight. This will simulate his highlight videos. Hence increase the possiblity of him getting a highlight real knock out.

2) Glow sticks will be provided to all audience members attending the event.

3) Lifting the band on speedos....On Wand wants to rock the old Black speedos.

4) Chael needs to appoligize to the country of Brazil

+10 # fabricio alves 2014-04-17 15:15
10-9 Sonnen - after Dida fault - 10-8 Sonnen
+2 # SHIN 2 THE CHIN 2014-04-17 21:08
Baby back bitch
+1 # SnakeJake 2014-04-18 00:45
Wand is looking worse than Ronda on TUF. Or as the Brazilians call it TOOF.
+7 # Tank 2014-04-18 04:52
A man who fights professionally for a living has to pull out of/reschedule a fight because he "hurt" himself in a 20 second brawl in which no strikes were landed?

Seems legit.
+1 # jjkid 2014-04-18 21:50
I think Wandy is buying time. The longer he waits Sonnen's TRT is wearing off. Come fight time Sonnen will have low T.
0 # Protein in my Shorts 2014-04-20 19:30
The dude gets in a trained fighter's face, what did he expect? Actually, Sonnen handled it like a true martial artist. When some idiot gets in your face first priority is to create space. In any altercation never let someone get near you because they will almost always strike first.

So remember children:
1. Create space
2. Keep that distance if possible
3. Wait until they attempt something
4. Counter
5. If it's a controlled environment or one-on-one try to finish fight early or take opponent down and control from top.
6. If possible, get away quickly before police arrive. The police are not your friends or on your side. In other words, run!
0 # Protein in my Mouths 2014-04-23 10:32
a. carry a gun
b. shoot first
c. ask questions later
d. if you've killed a black person, wait for the cops, its all good
e. if you've killed a white person, get the fuck outta there

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