Anderson Silva says Machida won, just broke my ankle kicking that dead horse

Ouch, just broke my ankle kicking that dead horse. I think I'm going to need a cast pretty soon. Oh, look at ankle is infected and I just got H1N1. Looks like I'm not going to be able to fight Shane Carwin at UFC 106. Thank God. I wonder who told me that I was able to fight him in the first place? That guy needs a raise...raise the hell out of my life. I don't need to get hit in the face by Shane Carwin if I don't have to. Even if I have to, I still don't want to. There is no point in my life that I can comfortably say 'Alright dude, you can hit me' (go away Jack Daniels, no need to get you involved in my 'being hit in the face probablity').

Lyoto Machida's buddy and the only person that deserves to have 'Spider' in their name (Sorry Peter Parker, Spiderman 3 = Fail) Anderson Silva told Tatame magazine that not only did Machida win his first title defense, but the dude won every round:

"Lyoto fought well, was very well trained. It was a hard fought struggle, and trawls.  Shogun fought at his pace very well, was very well prepared, is very experienced, but the technique was superior and Lyoto won resoundingly, "

"Shogun did well, this fight was a fight that all MMA fans liked to see.  In my opinion, Lyoto won all rounds.  Shogun drew a good strategy to attack the legs, but it was not enough. There are coaches who have to decide, but the judges ... Lyoto won well, now it's back to training as soon as possible"

Sorry about that guys, I'll tie a few trash bags together and dispose of this dead horse immediately. PETA stay out of this one, I got it. [Source]

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+1 # ChromeOnly 2009-10-26 13:28
Lyoto won. End of story.

Now how long till Joey Jo Jo comes in here and does his traditional Shogun Rua nut hugging...

I give it a few hours.....
-1 # Guest 2009-10-26 13:43
Give me some slack man, your mother was working a 3 hour shift today.
+1 # ChromeOnly 2009-10-26 14:18
Sure bro, get ignorant when you can no longer defend your own ignorance.

Machida won. End of story.
-1 # Guest 2009-10-26 17:43
Well I'm glad your baseless opinion settled this argument

I mean if you say Machida won, shit, he won. No two ways about it. You don't even have to reason it out or anything.

Keep enjoying your Golden Showers from Machida buddy ;-)
+1 # Guest 2009-10-27 10:36
i mean.... fuckin anderson said so.... so i mean.... end of story
0 # TheLastEmperor 2009-10-26 13:37
Obviously Silva is going to say Machida won, and i do admit, it could have gone either way (but mostly shogun won 4/5 rounds). Silva basically has to defend his friends because if he says shogun won, then what does that say about Silva, considering he said that Machida kicks his ass in training.

Its a no brainer that Silva stood up for his friend, anyone would.

But the real story here is that Shogun clearly won that fight due to gameplan, execution, control, damage, everything. Machida did basically 0 damage to shogun, while shogun made machidas legs into rubber bands.

i dont care what the judges say about "the challenger needs to take the belt from the champ", because in the end, the champ failed to show why he is the champ. Simply put- Shogun solved the Machida puzzle, and now everyone knows how to beat him, and all Shogun gets is a kick in the ass, and WAY more respect from me.
0 # Guest 2009-10-26 13:45

If Machida's best buddy in the whole world says Machida won then that's settled. Jesus, I'm glad Anderson stepped in to settle this debate once and for all, I was getting really impatient.

Maybe when Anderson has some free time he can review George Bush's justifications for the Iraq War and settle once and for all whether we really should have invaded Iraq?
0 # The Axe Murderer 2009-10-26 14:46
I just joined the Machida train. Well not because this blog but because I watched the fight about ten times and think Shogun could have won but it was still really close and would be a hard fight to call watching live. Especially if you are use to judging boxing I mean all loyo threw was punches.
0 # Guest 2009-10-26 15:08
You can't win a fight on leg kicks alone, and that's all Shogun got the whole fight. Lyoto was more technical and lenses muchore then leg kicks, straight punches to Shogun face, very hard knees to the body and kicks to the body and those strickes are more likely to end a fight then leg kicks only. Shogun fought a greate fight and was definitelly the most dangerous opponent to Lyoto and maybe if he had done more, he could've won. Lyoto defended Shogun takedowns more then once and that count points not the takedown attempt, and Lyoto lended more shots with the chance of ending the fight. Leg kicks hurt but don't put your opponent out.
0 # Guest 2009-10-26 15:10
0 # Guest 2009-10-27 02:02
well griffin won the belt of leg kicks.
0 # Guest 2009-10-27 10:37
ya but all of his hit. and he did more than just leg kicks
-1 # Guest 2009-10-27 08:03
ummm, Machida had a busted lip that came from a sick shot to the face. He landed the only clean head shots in the fight. Shogun won every aspect of the fight:more shots landed, more power shots landed, more knees in the clinch, more leg kicks, octagon control. Shogun won the fight. no doubt in my opinion, which is all thats worth, just my opinion.
-1 # Guest 2009-10-26 18:12
I was as shocked as everyone else with the result of the fight. I had Shogun winning 3 of the 5 rounds. I thought he showed more effective striking (which was later confirmed by the stats), I thought he showed greater aggression and ring control (Rua spent most of the match moving in a forward direction while Machida overwhelmingly backpedaled a good amount of the time). While Machida showed some great moments of flurries and intense striking, these were scant moments, and many of the punches he threw were glancing blows, or missed altogether. I think Rua had a great gameplan of simply slowing the pace of the fight, and wearing Machida down with the leg and body kicks, which definitely worked. I think if he'd pushed the pace at the end of each round, he definitely would have won on the score cards as well. I think Rua was the clear winner, but obviously, the judges weren't as well versed as many others in the crowd. When even the owner of the company calls the judges and their decision crappy, you know there's an issue. I think people who say Lyoto won are simply in denial. Lyoto is a superb fighter, and it's hard to get such a fighter to make a mistake that would result in a knockout or submission. I think Rua took the right approach, and that "you gotta beat the champ" train of thought is for someone who obviously has never competed against top line competition. Sometimes unfortunately, it's a war of attrition.
-1 # Face_Breaker 2009-10-27 01:26
Anderson to the rescue of his bud, so he doesn't perfrom hara kiri over the shame of carrying that heavy belt around. No, not the UFC LHW belt, but guilt. You may have to beat the champ to be the champ, but Machida didn't perform well enough to keep it either. They meet again, Shogun is going to just go crazy for the kill. He'll try and muy thai clinch the last 30 secs and knee the shit outa the dragon. And I hope he's successful. Machida bores me to death.

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