Why Nintendo's YouTube affiliate program won't work

Why Nintendo's YouTube affiliate program won't work

So Nintendo has had an interesting relationship with the internet as of late. There was the whole Super Smash/Evo fiasco last year where they didn't want Super Smash Brothers Brawl to be streamed at the biggest fighting game competition of the year. Then there was the news that Super Smash Brothers 4 won't have any cut scenes because they know they'll just end up online anyways. Then there was last December when Nintendo started to claim copyright infringement on a bunch of Let's Plays of their games on YouTube which brings me to this.

Nintendo announced a partnership program that will split the ad revenue on videos that use their games. Sure, that sounds like a great idea and a decent compromise on the surface.

I'm here to tell you it isn't. Let's get some things straight here, there are companies that make their living off of YouTube ad revenue. Many video games sites that you frequent do and if that's not their main source of income, it's one of them. Would it really be smart of a site such as Polygon, IGN or Giant Bomb, whomever to join to his affiliate program? To go 50/50 on ad revenue with a company that they are supposed to be objective on? Does anyone see something wrong with this? Who says they won't give a game a more favorable review just to keep getting that ad revenue? Who says Nintendo doesn't pull them from the affiliate program if they say negative things about the Wii U? It opens an enormous can of worms that something such as the video game industry doesn't need. An industry which is sadly based on reviews and reviews scores, it's the metacritic world that we live in. While yes, for most people who just do Let's Plays this will be fine and most will be thrilled to keep getting money for this videos. For the more professional side of the business, this is just unacceptable. Sure, Nintendo thinks they are doing something good, throwing people a bone.

What they should do, is let people keep 100% of the ad revenue because, it's not their product. Sure their game is being played but people aren't watching because of that. They are watching because a certain personalty is talking over it, or because a certain outlet is reviewing it. Then again, Nintendo is out of touch with the internet community and expecting more from them is silly and it makes me sad.

Gary LaPlante

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0 # ADoseofBuckley 2014-06-17 12:00
"Sure their game is being played but people aren't watching because of that. They are watching because a certain personalty is talking over it, or because a certain outlet is reviewing it." And the only reason that personality got popular is because they were making videos about popular games. Would they be as popular if they talked about something else besides video games? The evidence is generally there, go to any popular game channel, and you'll see that the most views are on the most popular games, and a "Let's Play" of an indie game generates fewer views.

The fact remains that they're showing copyrighted material and they're not using it in a proper "fair use" situation (which allows for critique or commentary that is focused on the footage being used, not just someone playing a game and yelling that it's hard or about something else entirely). I think game reviewers should get 100%, no question. I think Let's Players that are playing Mario Kart and telling each other to go fuck themselves because they got blue shelled should get 0%. The fact that Nintendo is giving them anything is a great deal.

And this is coming from me, who has no opportunity to make money on YouTube even though my most popular videos are absolutely reviews and completely fall under fair use/fair dealing laws, but the record companies can just flag it and take 100% of the revenue.
+1 # jt33 2014-06-17 13:49
nintendo just needs to die already and sell off their game catalog. if i buy a product that shit is mine. i should be able to do with ti whatever i want.. as long as im not selling bootleg copies of the game there shouldnt be anything they can do about it. same shit with tattoos missing in the ufc game because the artist wants to claim copyright. its fucking stupid and makes no sense.
0 # Sphizix 2014-07-01 10:58
Really Nintendo is hurting and if it wasn't for MK8 they would be hurting a lot worse. I think they need to find a common ground, whether you like let's players or not and whether you like reviews more than that shouldn't matter. Nintendo needs to realize that either a Let's play or a review are giving them free advertisement of there products and they don't have to put any effort into it because others are doing all the work for them. The only thing i think is not okay is when someone does a "Let's play" and records absolutely no commentary whatsoever. At that point your just playing the game and getting ad revenue from it without offering any insight or benefit in return. Reviews offer insight as to whether you think your going to like the game or not and if a Let's Player plays a game they are providing entertainment to their viewers who could say "Wow look how much fun they're having playing that game and how intense it is, I may have to go get this game and try it out myself". I hope reading this has helped you understand the other side no matter which side you stand on if either as an individual. As they say there are two sides to everything.

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