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This Muay Thai Fight is Just Bonkers

I feel that everyone who watches MMA gets so wrapped up in grappling that they tend to overlook the beauty of striking. The science of eight limbs in its purest...

07-10-2014 | Dave Walsh | 2 Comments

LiverKick | Relive GLORY 17/Last Man Standing with this Behind the Scenes Video

GLORY 17 and Last Man Standing were two incredible events jam-packed into one of the best nights in kickboxing history. Now you can relive some of those moments while getting...

07-10-2014 | LiverKick | No comments

Beyond: two souls is rumored to get a remastering

I have some breaking news for you guys that won't necessarily sit well with you. Games for the next gen batch of consoles are going to take a long time...

07-10-2014 | Gary LaPlante | No comments

This Metamoris 4 trailer is so good we want to build a time machine to the future so we don't have to wait

The wait for Metamoris 4 is too long. It's under a month, but still, that's too long. Josh Barnett grappling Dean Lister is simply the most fascinating matchup on the...

07-10-2014 | Jason Nawara | 1 Comment

Our Top Ten Favorite BJ Penn Moments

BJ Penn is the lightweight GOAT. Throughout his career he treated us to spectacular performances both inside and outside of the octagon, as well as awesome videos of him rolling...

07-10-2014 | Christopher Jones | 2 Comments

This Expendables 3 motion poster is pretty cool, eh?

I like the idea of the Expendables movies more than the movies themselves. I'm happy they are basically fully-realized movies of the scene in UHF where Weird Al goes full...

07-10-2014 | Jason Nawara | 5 Comments

UFC Refugee Chael Sonnen Owes Nevada 250,000 Big Ones

UFC head honcho Dana White might have spoken a bit candidly when he said that Chael Sonnen is kicking back on a pile of money for retirement. According to paperwork snagged...

07-09-2014 | McKinley Noble | 11 Comments

The greatest tragedy in MMA is never having Shaq vs. Hong Man Choi

There are many many fights in MMA that never happened. You always hear about the same couple of fights; Fedor vs. literally every heavyweight he never fought, Wand vs. Shogun,...

07-09-2014 | Gary LaPlante | 4 Comments

NBC Isn't Too Happy About WSoF's White Pride Fighter

Over the weekend World Series of Fighting quietly made their debut on network television with an event headlined by Justin Gaethje vs. Nick Newell in what was actually a super...

07-09-2014 | Dave Walsh | 29 Comments

Some Dude Hacked Watch Dogs to Play as a Stripper

I mean, this has been happening or discussed since the dawn of games with even moderately okay graphics; nude cheats, now in this day and age, nude hacks. I remember...

07-09-2014 | Dave Walsh | 3 Comments

This Rosi Sexton Mini-Doc is a Must-Watch

Rosi Sexton is one of the pioneers of Women’s MMA, beginning her journey as a professional back in 2002. She made her way up in the UK fight scene before...

07-09-2014 | Dave Walsh | No comments

Conspiracy Theory Alert: UFC 176 Isn't Canceled, It Already Happened

Look, alright, we get it. Last night the UFC announced that UFC 176 was canceled because Jose Aldo is injured and that he’ll probably fight Chad Mendes in October in...

07-09-2014 | Dave Walsh | 5 Comments

The Wolf Among Us Episode Five: Cry Wolf Review

While everyone is eagerly awaiting the final few episodes of The Walking Dead Season Two, The Wolf Among Us season one wrapped up this week and it did so in...

07-09-2014 | Dave Walsh | No comments

Let's watch the Straight Shoot and discuss this week's Raw

We are at an odd time in pro wrestling. We're still a PPV away from Summer Slam, we know pretty much know what the main event is for SS, we...

07-09-2014 | Gary LaPlante | No comments

FOX Sports made a 'Best of Fight Motion' for 2014 thus far, and it is good

I'm not sure if these clips are the best of 2014, but they are certainly from 2014. Still, watching this video with its complete lack of nu-metal combined with that...

07-08-2014 | Jason Nawara | 8 Comments

FighterXFashion | Ronda Rousey UFC 175 Champion Shirt

Following her first round knockout victory over Alexis Davis at UFC 175, check out the official Ronda Rousey Champion Shirt that’s arrived in honor of the reigning UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Marking ten...

07-08-2014 | FighterXFashion | No comments

This UFC Japan 2014 primer is the best thing you'll see all day

I've lit some incense and come to grips with the reality of this situation. If watching this UFC Japan promo highlight reel/primer is the best thing I do or see...

07-08-2014 | Jason Nawara | 4 Comments

The Bare Knuckle scene in the UK is growing strong

In about the 11th grade at my school, a bunch of kids in my grade decided that they wanted to start a "fight club". I of course laughed hysterically about...

07-08-2014 | Gary LaPlante | 10 Comments

LiverKick | Badr Hari says he isn't going anywhere

Yesterday it was reported on Badr Hari's "Official" Facebook page that Badr would be taking some time off from the world of kickboxing to attend to personal matters for a...

07-08-2014 | LiverKick | No comments

A Lesson in Street MMA: Don't get knocked out with a head kick in four seconds

Yesterday I was walking my dog through my neighborhood when a duck flew head first into a brick wall about 15 feet from me. I'd be lying if I didn't...

07-08-2014 | Jason Nawara | 5 Comments

Sunset Overdrive in Action Makes The Wait For Fall Gaming Season Even More Painful

Man, so I don’t have an Xbox One but a game like Sunset Overdrive is probably enough to make me at least want to pick one up at some point....

07-08-2014 | Dave Walsh | 1 Comment

Here's Sh*t People Tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC 175

International Fight Week saw a bevy of fascinating stoylines come to an end with Weidman showing us he's truly the top dog at 185, Ronda Rousey proving she could make...

07-07-2014 | Jason Nawara | 7 Comments

We're that much closer to the first new game for Bungie since 2001, July 17th the Destiny Beta launches

Destiny is going to be the first non Halo game that Bungie Studios has developed since developing the PC version of Oni. Yea, it's been a while. Here's a list...

07-07-2014 | Gary LaPlante | No comments

Matt Hughes and Ben Askren had some interesting words for each other on Twitter today

Matt Hughes and Ben Askren. Welterweights, men, wrestlers. They also hail from the middle of America. The similarities pretty much end there for this odd couple. We know Matt Hughes...

07-07-2014 | Jason Nawara | 32 Comments

SuperCalo's Superior Betting Strategies! Part 1: The tattoo theory

*Editor's Note* When superCalo isn't digging up the freshest rumors he can find behind-the-scenes in the mMa world, he's also professionally gambling on mMa. That could be a conflict of...

07-07-2014 | superCalo | 7 Comments

You can watch another MMA fighter snap his leg in half right here if you want

You see, it's not the kick or even the broken leg itself that gets me, and trust me when I say, those moments in this video induce groans like I've...

07-07-2014 | Jason Nawara | 6 Comments

BJ Penn and the Case for a Godless Universe

Last night, as I watched the greatest Lightweight to ever fight in an eight sided circle (Octagon™) be beaten by the Jersey Shore's answer to Frodo Baggins I had a...

07-07-2014 | Nick Robertson | 23 Comments

Don't watch the TUF 19 Finale post-fight press conference unless you have a box of tissues nearby

I don't want to be writing this article. I don't want you to watch BJ Penn breaking down and crying when talking about his career. I care about you, like...

07-06-2014 | Jason Nawara | 14 Comments

Frankie Edgar dominates BJ Penn in a depressing and confusing third bout

I traveled from Chicago to Las Vegas almost three years ago to UFC 137 just so I could watch BJ Penn fight. There's no other men in this world who...

07-06-2014 | Jason Nawara | 28 Comments

Supercalo reveals: BJ Penn's diet secret 190 to 145 pounds in 9 short months

Our favorite journalist that went from favela dishwasher to connected mMa journalist is back with his latest awe-inspiring and revealing piece of news. ----------- Less than a year ago BJ Penn was...

07-06-2014 | superCalo | 14 Comments

You should know that Cat Zingano hit a flying armbar in 14 seconds at Grappler's Quest yesterday

It's nice to see that Cat Zingano is confident enough in her surgically-repaired knee to leap into the air, wrap it around another human's appendage and then complete the holy...

07-06-2014 | Jason Nawara | 6 Comments

UFC 175: Ray Longo, the True King Strikes

“Ladies and fuckin’ gentlemen,” Matt Serra, decked out in his finest silks, his sigil of spaghetti and meatballs adorning it in gold trim, boomed over the crowd from atop the...

07-05-2014 | Dave Walsh | 12 Comments

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