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Jose Aldo is bad at motorcycling, but great at fighting

Jose Aldo is bad at motorcycling, but great at fighting

It’s hard to imagine something Jose Aldo would be bad at. In fact, we’re not sure if his motorcycle accident was his even his fault or an old lady that clipped him in traffic. It doesn’t matter, it delayed a fight that should have went down last year. All is right with the world now, because it's finally happening this weekend at UFC 156, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. I mean nothing. Short of shutting down the power grid, which has multiple backup generators that could power the entire city of Las Vegas for several months through the fallout a nuclear holocaust, this fight is going down; And it’s the closest thing we have to a superfight until the middleweight champion and the light heavyweight champion decided they want to sell out the world’s biggest stadium in the biggest MMA event in all of humanity. Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar isn’t even a consolation prize – it’s the action equivalent of in the lighter weight classes. Check out this promo that should get you just as pumped-up as any commercial the UFC spends millions of dollars to advertise.

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