• Written by Jason Nawara and LayzieTheSavage

Dana White tells us he's 'happy' to not be in business with Randy Couture and bids farewell to Rampage

It's well-known that Rampage Jackson just fought his last fight in the UFC, and his kamikaze-like exit from the Octagon was duly noted by Dana White with a nod, salute and sayonara. Dana has moved on from the Rampage Jackson business with great aplomb, and in one fell swoop has now bid adieu to the services of Randy Couture seemingly forever. I now use this sentence to acknowledge the usage of 'goodbye' in three different languages in three separate sentences by accident. Hmph. Back to Dana and Randy...

You read correctly, Dana White has wiped his hands clean of Captain America due to the former heavyweight and light heavyweight's signing with Bellator as a personality for their imminent reality show, and he's pleased with how everything has worked out - damn pleased. LayzieTheSavage had a eye-opening interaction with the UFC Big Boss about his two former employees. Watch it now.

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