• Written by Bauzen

Dave Rickels just beat Lloyd Woodard in Bellator's lightweight tournament, and he might be a real caveman

When Dave Rickels was eighteen years old, no bar in New York City bothered to card him. I know this because those same places tried carding me, while they just assumed he was my dad. That was six years ago. Not sure if that means I’m a late bloomer or he’s just far too hairy for his own good; especially considering that I’m six years older than him. In any case, he can enjoy his adult beverages legally now that he's caveman-smashing his opponents and bludgeoning his way through Bellator’s lightweight tournament. In what started out as the most entertaining pre-fight interviews we've ever seen, Kansas City native Dave Rickels fought in the lightweight opening round and walked out with a close decision victory over Lloyd Woodard. Dave Rickels is now one step closer to his first title shot. As long as that means we get to see him in his neanderthal outfit clubbing animal skulls prior to each fight, we’ll gladly keep tuning-in to watch it.

It looks like the two fighters even had a little side bet, that Lloyd is paying in full right here at the post fight press conference.


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