• Written by LayzieTheSavage and Jason Nawara

Frankie tells us about his weight cut, his thoughts on the lightweight division's future and confirms that haters are cowards

There is a vocal conglomerate of fans that don't like Frankie Edgar, and I can't fully comprehend why. Frankie, to me, has put on some of the most awe-inspiring performances by anyone in sports over the last few years. How can you not appreciate the fact that in his two fights with Gray Maynard (and Benson to a degree) he took a beating that would finish most men, then somehow clear his mind enough to come back and win and or... draw. They say BJJ is like chess and boxing is the sweet science, so MMA must be some sort of mind-puzzle made in Apeture Laboratories. You try to take a 10-minute beating from Gray Maynard and try to rally back, solving the riddle of the man in front of you with blood shooting out your nose. Damn... You can't take away his BJ Penn wins either, you just can't.

Luckily Frankie doesn't pay attention to the haters, they mostly exist on the internet anyway, and no one would dare talk **** to his face. If you would like to know more about Frankie's methods for dealing with haters, the UFC lightweight division and his weight cut for the fight, please click the sideways triangle inside the square below these words.

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