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Bigfoot Silva tells us the Blackzilians are' just about money' and 'they don't have heart'

Bigfoot Silva says the Blackzilians are' just about money' and 'they don't have heart'

Sheer terror, absolute regret and intense fear would encompass every emotion I would feel if, by some strange occurrence, I found myself inside a locked cage with Alistair Overeem standing on the other end. Granted, one would think you can inform him that all of this was just one incredible accident and the only thing you want by the end of the night is to be on your sofa, watching reruns of 'The Deadliest Warrior.' Asphyxiation due to a rear-naked-choke is a far lesser consequence than having your consciousness cut shot due to extreme trauma from an Uberknee The word 'extreme,' in this instance, is a gross understatement. It would be as if you accidentally stuck your head in a particle accelerator and felt the consequences for the rest of your life, sort of like this guy.

Apparently Bigfoot Silva doesn't share the same opinion. In fact, he goes one step further and says the Blackzilians, Overeem's camp, doesn't have any heart and is all about money. Check it out below.

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