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It's never too late to watch this newly released video of your favorite MMA moments in Microsoft Paint


I just had something amicably resolved. I was happy, but I really didn't know what it meant. It didn't matter because it's a new word -- and when it comes to new words I get happy anyway. I even get happy with made-up words. Metanormox is a word I made up, and I'm absolutely thrilled about it. Here, I'll even define the word so that future generations can have something else to stress over on school vocabulary tests. Metanormox is the name given to any creature or entity that is created in the mind and manifested in the real world as a physical apparition.

This is fun.

Let's try another one -- Yaritock. That's the condition given to an individual when they believe they're under the impression that a mannequin is a real person. For example, 'Charles had a gnarly case of yaritock when he walked into that American Apparel and thought I was the display mannequin.' Look at that, two new words woven into your lexicon: Yaritock and Metanormox. Use them wisely, my friend.

A few years ago on The Underground a thread was created in which our favorite MMA moments were converted into Microsoft Paint. It was ground breaking, hilarious, and redefined the paradigm of how humanity perceived their own reality. Now we have a compilation video of the MS paint creations with their real-life equivalents compliments of MMARoundup.

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