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Watch Pat Barry freak out at Invicta 5 this weekend

Pat Barry and Rose Namajumas are steadily becoming the most popular MMA couple. That means they need a combination nickname like Hollywood couples. There's 'Branjelina'- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Kanye and Kim K are now called 'Kimye'. Since Pat Barry and Rose Namajunas seem to be totally head over heels in love and attached at the hip now, maybe we can refer to them as a whole as 'PBR'. Hopefully they don't mind a nickname that could confuse them with a crappy cheap beer that hipsters like to drink.

If you missed Invicta 5 this weekend, you should go stick your head in a fireant hill and ask for forgiveness for missing some amazing fights. You not only missed Rose Namajunas smash her competition in 12 seconds flat, but you also missed her other half- (I'm not going to say 'better half' because Rose is dope and she could punch my head off my neck) absolutely freak out and climb the cage in celebration of her win. That's true love right there boys and girls. Awww.

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