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Chael Sonnen says Jon Jones could beat up Mike Tyson AND Muhammad Ali in the same day

Chael Sonnen says Jon Jones could beat up Mike Tyson AND Muhammad Ali in the same day

The reason why your body is covered with goosebumps this morning is solely because the main event of UFC 159 will ultimately determine the undisputed greatest light heavyweight in the world. We don't have to spend an absurd amount of time discussing who would win in a three-way match between Frankie Edgar, Eddie Alvarez and Gilbert Melendez. There's no debating as to whether Fedor could defeat Cain Velasquez and we don't have to ponder if Hector Lombard could truly compete with Anderson Silva. Chael Sonnen vs. Jon Bones Jones is the best possible light heavyweight match-up that can be assembled at this moment. We should all be thanking our parents for having unprotected sex decades ago for giving us the opportunity to watch UFC 159.

Wait, so you're telling me this is Chael Sonnen's first time at light heavyweight and he's fighting for the title? Nevermind, I take all of that stuff back. Sorry about that.

On today's UFC 159 press conference call, Sonnen had some rather glowing things to say about the 205 lb champion, even going so far as to say that Jones could beat Ali and Tyson in the same day.

As great as Jon is, I don’t think he understands how good he is. For him to pay tribute to Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali earlier was a very nice thing for him to do. The reality is, Jon Jones could beat up Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali in the same day. And when he says he wants to be the best ever – Jon, news flash, buddy – you are the best. As far as tying Tito Ortiz, yeah maybe he had a couple more wins, but he hasn’t had the competition that you’ve faced. He’s the world champion, he’s the best in the weight class and he’s the best the weight class has ever seen.

Mitch Hedburg proclaimed that he's tired of following his dreams and that he will 'catch up with them later.' That's a novel concept that can only lead to a life filled with uncompromised expectations. I guess when you're fighting to be considered the best in the world, your dreams have finally met up with your own personal reality, and eventually one of those entities will win.

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