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Check out Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC 159

Check out Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC 159

UFC 159 is over, and what a strange and mysterious card it was. People were getting brutally injured for no apparent reason, weird voices from another dimension were being broadcast through televisions across the world -- it was just a potpourri of things that could easily have their own corner in the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. Fortunately last night you guys stepped your game up and delivered an array of tweets that effectively captured the bizarreness of the night.

Sh*t people Tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC 159 is a collection of the greatest tweets we received during the event. I'm not even sure why I'm telling you guys this. You already know the drill. Now check out the greatest tweets received last night and props to @Spencifer for winning his fourth TOTN honors. This guy is approaching Frate Trane status.

Check out Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC 159

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