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Woah, Eddie Alvarez publishes his release letter, and the wording change from Bellator

Eddie Alvarez publishes his release letter, and the wording change from Bellator

Let's make this perfectly clear for everyone that has been fading in and out of the Eddie Alvarez saga. It is simply impossible for Bellator to truly match UFC's offer and the reason behind it is PPV revenue potentially obtained by Eddie Alvarez. Still don't understand? Let me break it down to with the assumption that you are a hungry Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Alright, so you've just finished a night of defeating Shredder and the Footclan and the only thing you want to do is descend to your home in the sewer and eat some pizza. You call up your favorite pizza place and find out they have a special, a quarter-slice of their biggest pizza for only $5. Great, but just to weigh your other options you call another pizza place. You find out that another pizza joint is offering a quarter-slice of their biggest pizza for only $3 -- and their biggest pizza is thirty-times bigger than the other pizza place. That means more pizza for less money, it's a no brainier. However, you call up the old place and tell them of the incredible deal you discovered. Now the pizza place agrees to lower their price to $3 just so they can get your business -- but they fail to address that their biggest pizza is thirty-times smaller than their competitor. That's essentially the entire story of Eddie Alvarez, UFC, and Bellator -- except instead of less money, it's actually more. It's also important to note the entire concept of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles takes an incredible amount of disbelief to accept as entertainment.

In that previous example, the competing pizza place is matching on material terms (writing in which a contract is specifically based), but failing to match the actual terms (which would be contextual, in the scenario above the exact size of the pizza). Yesterday Eddie Alvarez published what he mentioned on The MMA Hour -- Bellator sent him a contract and then sent his management a different contract with the 'correct' terms in hopes that Eddie Alvarez would sign the contract himself. Have a look.

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