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War Machine's conspiracy theory on Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, and Cat Zingano is interesting to say the least

War Machine's conspiracy theory on Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, and Cat Zingano is interesting to say the least

When we published our story of War Machine trying to clean-up his life and return to MMA back in 2010, we used a photo of one of his mugshots because we literally exhausted all of our War Machine profile pictures. Minutes later he called just to tell me that it was pretty messed up that we used his mugshot. Yeah, it was. I personally changed the picture immediately after the phone call. 48 hours later, he broke the news to the MMA world that he would be going to prison for a year due to an incident that occurred near a night club in San Diego.

Now three years later (after serving nearly two years in prison), we decided to use a picture of Marvel's 'War Machine' instead of an actual picture of Bellator's War Machine in hopes that he will turn into a maniac that has an affinity to construct amazing suits of bio-mechnical armor.

In an interview with Stephanie Joplin, War Machine revealed his complex conspiracy theory involving Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, and Cat Zingano in the upcoming series of The Ultimate Fighter.

I don’t know. Did she really get hurt, or is it a lie? I bet you the UFC probably paid her to say she was hurt because they didn’t want her on the show; they wanted to have Miesha Tate instead. I wonder if it’s real or not. I wonder if they were like, “We want the prettier girl on the show, here’s f*cking $20 grand to say you’re hurt.” I’m curious. It’s bullsh*t because the UFC had their hearts set on Ronda Rousey and stupid “Cupcake.” They got screwed over because Cat won and Cat’s not as much of a pretty girl or whatever…I don’t know, man. Rousey is so one-dimensional. The best MMA girls aren’t even in the UFC. I’d rather watch the girls over in Invicta or Bellator.

This War Machine and his never-ending blitzkrieg of tweets. In the interview, War Machine also states that he would 'never name himself after a black guy' in response to people claiming he got his name from Marvel's War Machine. Interesting.

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