• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Just Kidding, It’s Couture vs. Franklin

Leave it to Dana White to keep us guessing at what’s going on in the world of MMA. It’s like they wait for a rumor to spread just deep enough so that every media outlet covers the story, then squash the rumor and make us do it all over again. My English professor in college made us do that. I had to write as many drafts as it took until my essays were grammatically perfect. There was no settling for just grading a paper as is. You either make it perfect and get an A, or you drop the course. I hated him.

Being an MMA journalist is a lot like being in English 101, except we're allowed to use colorful language and I don’t have to submit ten friggin revisions of ‘The Deeper Meaning of Shakespeare's Hamlet’. Instead, here’s Dana White doing the job for me:


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