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Impact FC - Brisbane, Australia - Exclusive Fight Gallery

СНПЧ А7 Смоленск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

This morning I received an email from our photographer, John Sherwood, who covered Impact FC in Brisbane, Australia last night. I was still thoroughly dazed from pulling an all-nighter to catch Dream 15 in all of it's bizarre, Japanese MMA glory. If you were up at 6am this morning to watch Shinya Aoki shred every tendon in Kawajiri's ankle, then I think we all placed first in the Insomniac Olympics. Unfortunately, there is no medal or trophy. Just an antagonizing headache that will last throughout the day.

In the email, Sherwood takes us on a journey of strange anxiety-attacks, weird post-fight speeches and unexpected cartwheel kicks that was Impact FC. Here is the email in it's entirely along with our Impact FC - Brisbane, Australia fight gallery only at - Because MMA is everything:

"Karo Parisyan's fight was moved to the first fight of the night. Apparently he got really anxious and the promoters moved his bout to the beginning of the card.

He won by RNC is the second round although the unknown, Ben Mortimer, put up a good fight landing some big bombs. He even attempted a knee bar at one stage. Unfortunately this wasn't enough with the veteran Parisyan making the most of his judo game. In Mortimer's defense he escaped two armbars and Parisyan said "he hit like a tank". Parisyan actually looked a lot worse afterwards than Mortimer.

There were two more preliminary fights (not sure of the fighter's names) with one of the Brazilians choking out cold a fighter from Five Rings Dojo (the same as Mortimer) in the first round.

Next up Sokodjou vs Joaquim Ferreira. The African came out fast and strong landing some big shots. He took his stunned opponent down and quickly established control allowing him to land more bombs leading to Big John McCarthy calling a stop to the fight.

Monson was next, taking on an unknown opponent in Bira Lima with the original match-ups having changed countless times. Lima who is physically taller gave Monson something to think about by not letting him in for the first round and landing some blows with his reach. It was a back and forth battle and neither fighter looked to be on top. Lima at one point took Monson down but quickly backed up again and allowed Monson to his feet where he felt stronger. The fight went the distance with Monson taking the wind out of Lima with some heavy body shots in the second and doing more work their after. The fight finished with Monson controlling the third round but failing to capitalize on his ground and pound from inside of Lima's guard. Monson took the decision.

Carlos Newton and Brian Ebersole had been bumped up the card to fill for Parisiyan who was at this point taking photos with fans... go figure. Ebersole came right out with a punch to the leg...seemingly wanting to psych-out his opponent. The Aussie hecklers had a field day. "Stop slapping his arse!". Newton was at first slow to respond with Ebersole again inventing his own punches. The double-sideways head punch calling for more jeers of "wax on wax off!!". In the second round after both opponents starting fight in and out of the scrambles their was an almost WWE like move with Newton returning off the cage after a short run backwards which was answered by a flying knee from Ebersole. Ebersole was making the most of his platform and threw no less than two cartwheel kicks at Newton. In the dying moments of the third, Newton looked for a resurgence but couldn't find an answer to Ebersole who had looked more impressive if at least unorthodox.

Finally the headline fight of Josh Barnett vs Geronimo Dos Santos. The Brazilian had high hopes as underdog and with both men castling a shadow over John McCarthy this was what the fans had come to see. Sadly the fight played out much as the statistics suggested with Barnett out-boxing, clinching and the taking down Dos Santos to secure a TKO via stoppage to make the fight look pretty with 2:45 on the clock.

Sadly he didn't look to be going for the 'anal rape' and wasn't even wearing wrestling boots. He had anklets on but took them off just before the bell.

Worth noting: The guy who runs the thing wants to take it global. They are apparently in Brazil in September. They were supposed to have four shows with another in Newcastle (Au) and New Zealand which fell through and Brisbane was not even close to capacity."

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