• Written by Zeus and Jason

The Top Ten Audience Reactions in MMA

We've all had our chest cavity ripped open by our favorite fighter and our hearts systemically stomped, stabbed, battered and crushed. If you haven't, then you must be a Romulan or some other alien that is incapable of emotions. In that case, I would like to meet you and ask a few questions about how you found our planet. Is there MMA on your homeworld? If so, then you'll probably enjoy our list of the The Top Ten Audience Reactions in MMA. It's filled with raw human emotion to some of the most memorable events in the past few years, emotion that you are unable to express due to your extraterrestrial nature. So sit back in your alien chair, watch this video we put together and when you return to your planet, let all your alien women know that I'm single.

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