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Hide your fruit stand, Din Thomas is coming to the WEC

If everything could just work out like it’s supposed to, my life would be a lot like Scrooge McDuck’s and his daily routine of swimming laps in his moneybin. Instead, it’s like an episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is the furthest thing from what my high school guidance counselor told me I should aspire to be after I was sent to the principal’s office for huffing glue. Nothing ever really works out like it's supposed to, like that time Ricardo Mayorga was going to step into the cage with Din Thomas at Shine Fights, but Don King ruined everything.

There aren’t many fights where the smack talking is so rawesome, you wish the organization would postpone the entire event just to facilitate more pre-fight hype, but Ricardo Mayorga vs. Din Thomas was just such a fight. Even after the event was officially canceled, Din actually looked for Ricardo in his locker room to choke him, just for fun. It’s unfortunate that fight didn’t go down, but it looks like Din Thomas has set his sights on Jose Aldo and the rest of the WEC featherweight division as early as next year. Check out this interview courtesy of the Fight Nerd where Din Talks about the collapse of Shine Fights and what’s next for his career. [Source]


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