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Mayhem Miller says he's done trying to fight Nick Diaz

Henry Louis Mencken said: "Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence". Sometimes love can be misconstrued as delusion, everything makes sense to you in your head but the other party doesn't feel the same way, and you look like a creep. That triumph of the imagination happens in the MMA world as well. After his altercation with the 209 last April at the tail-end of Strikeforce's last CBS televised card, Mayhem Miller has been a one man campaign machine, lobbying for a fight against the king of mean-mugging, Nick Diaz. Sadly, it looks like, Mayhem Miller has given up on fighting Nick Diaz, homie. In light of the news that Diaz would be taking on Cyborg Santos January 29th for the Strikeforce welterweight title, a sapped Jason Miller talked to Ben Fowlkes of MMAFighting about giving up on trying to assemble the fight we all want to see.

"I figured that maybe if I made enough noise about it, it would come to fruition. I knew that one of two things was going to happen. Either I was going to get the fight with Diaz and expose him, show that he's not some damn unstoppable, pitter-pat punching tank, but just some dude who can get beat up. Or, the other option, I was going to expose him for what he is, which is a guy who picks favorable fights constantly."

"We said 181, but they wouldn't take it," said Miller, who added that cutting the extra three pounds would have left him "completely dried out."

"...and that's what they want. They want me to be totally emaciated to make the weight. Meanwhile, he's calling out Anderson Silva to make himself look tough."

"You jumped me on TV," Miller said. "It's a damn storyline that's real. This isn't manufactured drama. This isn't The Ultimate Fighter TV show. It's real. I'm disappointed the fight didn't happen, but whatever. Honestly, I was being selfish. I was picking a fight that I think I can win, and that he thinks he can win. And we both dislike each other, so that always makes for a fantastic fight."

"For now, I'm over it. We watched the massive 'Nick-tuck' and that's that. That's the Nick-tuck. That will be forever etched in there, and if he ever fights up a weight class we're all going to have a good laugh about how he ducked 'Mayhem'. That's the long and short of it and every Gracie Jiu-Jitsu website can paint how they want, but we all watched it in real time. We saw it unfold. I'm not concerned about it any more. I chased him around enough."

Nick-tuck? Stellar use of a UGism applied to a relevant scenario. Mayhem receives ten points on our scale of rawesome, but gets deducted five points for 'Nick-Tucking' on an interview with Layzie The Savage after the real 'altercation' that we all remember. [Source]

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