• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Watch Ubereem do an impression of Ramon Razor Hard Gay

I had no idea who Ramon Razor Hard Gay aka HG was until I saw this video. Apparently, he is a Japanese pro wrestler/comedian who likes to wear vinyl hot pants and thrust his groin all about. Now I can consider myself enlightened, I guess. Now, I sure would have preferred seeing the groin thrusting enlightenment of my dreams Damarques Johnson up there in nearly naked in some booty shorts, but hey at least Ubereem is half-naked in this video and that in and of itself is a spiritual awakening of sorts. There's a little bit of joy in this one for everyone, gay, straight, even those of you who have a fetish for Avatar-esque blue people. Watch this video and have yourself a happy day. Special thanks to reader Kevin Anderson for the find!

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