• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

It's time to watch Diego Sanchez's first amateur MMA fight

If I were a superhero, there would be absolutely no sequels. I would fix everything imaginable the first time around, none of this coming back nonsense. Diego Sanchez reminds me of a guy that likes to get everything done at once. So it was no surprise that on the UFC 107 'Countdown' show, he created a hybrid cartwheel. Walking around San Diego, pumping his fists at strangers screaming 'Yes' just wasn't enough. He infused his 'Yes' chant with a cartwheel just because he could. It's like the MMA version of 'two-in-one' shampoo/conditioner. But before he became the person we all know and love, he was once a struggling MMA fighter getting ready for his first amateur bout. Fortunately for your retinas, we have now have this fight on video compliments of YouTube and ChinoV. Big thanks to Yotam for the tip.

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