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Play in our BetDSI Japan Relief Poker Tournament with Shane Carwin!

Finally, here's your chance to beat Shane Carwin at something that is still somewhat considered a sport.

The MiddleEasy Network and BetDSI are teaming up to host a Japan Relief Poker Tournament and we want you to be there. Dust off your neon-green see-thru visors and cheap aviator glasses that you found at the bar last year. Do the Lady Gaga and put your best poker face on. Cheap pop reference for the win.

Here's your chance to cash in on $100 bounties on Shane Carwin, Chris Camozzi, writers from the MiddleEasy network (including me), and many more.

The stakes are: $25 buy-in with $10 going to the prize pool and $14 going to Save The Children which BetDSI will match 100%.

The tournament will be held this Sunday, May 8th at 5:00 EST. Registration is open right now, therefore there is absolutely no excuse for you to miss our charity poker tournament. If you do, you will have to answer to Shane Carwin and his abnormally large hands which have been known to render people unconscious in seconds.

Wait, of course we have a special for you guys. Come on...

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