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Watch this video of Mike Easton going into beast mode before he even enters the octagon

The next time I buy a daily planner, I'm going to write 'Don't Die' on each page so when I pick it up next year I will have achieved my goal. On a long enough time span, that goal will not be achieved -- but by then I won't care. Mike Easton's daily planner undoubtedly includes 'scream violently inside a designated area at least five times a week.' If you were around Easton minutes before he walked to the octagon at UFC on FX to face Jared Papazian, then you probably thought you did something to offend the bantamweight fighter. Don't worry, Easton isn't mad at you. He's just angry that Mitt Romney is losing his lead to Newt Gingrich in the race for a Republican candidate for this year's presidential election. We're not sure if that's true, but my god if it is, then it would make this following video all the more meaningful. [Source]

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