• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Bellator videogame! Whoa!

Cool, another MMA videogame. Yep, the digital Joe Warren you see above is real. Bellator has officially joined the ranks of the UFC, Pride, Strikeforce and all of the imaginary or real leagues you created in Fire Pro Wrestling in being digitally recreated in our living room for our enjoyment. The debut trailer for the Bellator game being published by Spike Games and developed by 505 was released tonight, and we have to admit: we'd be down for some tournament action in the MiddleEasy offices. Let it be known, however: we will absolutely freak out if Joe Warren's character doesn't have a sloppy flying knee that has a power rating of 99/100. Make it happen Spike Games. View the trailer below for some hard hitting tournament action.


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