• Written by Zeus and LayzieTheSavage

Gilbert Melendez tells us he was hoping for a big UFC name, but will settle for Josh Thomson

Something tells me that if Gilbert's last name wasn't 'Melendez,' people would have never called him 'El Nino.' It's probably something that FOX News created in order to invalidate Gilbert Melendez's status as an American. They could have called Gil 'Quasiperiodic Southern Oscillation' and prevent cheap pandering to his cultural heritage. If it was Gilbert 'Quasiperiodic Southern Oscillation' Melendez, we could make a top ten list just from the amount of announcers that would have screwed up his moniker throughout his career. Damn, FOX News always throws salt in our game -- and then claims we're supporting terrorism by accepting it.

This article got off to an unnecessarily harsh political start. Basically what we're trying to say is if Gilbert Melendez was sponsored by FOX News, then Gilbert Melendez is no longer sponsored by FOX News. We just sort of ruined that for the Strikeforce lightweight champion. He'll thank us for it later when those guys all turn into Sith lords that seek control of the Galactic Empire. We'll stand on the sidelines with light sabers and star in two really dope sequels and one whack one (sorry Amanda Lucas). Actually, no one at MiddleEasy has any problem with FOX News. I just needed to write something before I show you this video of Gilbert Melendez talking to LayzieTheSavage in his newly built gym.

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