• Written by Zeus and Jason Nawara

Watch our third installment of The Top Ten Audience Reactions in MMA!

It's been nearly a year and a half since the last installment of MiddleEasy's Top Ten Audience Reactions, and since then we've experienced a plethora of soul sucking and life giving MMA around the world. The time is long overdue to catch up with the memorable performances of the last year that took place outside the you guys.

So please, take a journey with us from the UK to San Diego, down to Rio and all over this beautiful planet of ours as we experience the highest highs, the murky depths of the lowest lows, and everything in between thanks to your technologically impressive phones and a peacock-like desire to draw attention to ourselves. It's OK, we won't judge you. This is too much fun. Here's The Top Ten Audience Reactions part three.

Still want more? Check out the Top Ten Audience Reactions Part 2 and our very first Top Ten Audience Reaction video.


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