• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

This stoppage is so out of control a cornerman ran into the ring to RNC the winner off the loser

Only when World of Warcraft had it's hooks deep in me circa 2008 would I completely block out the world and keep doing whatever I was doing at the time. Which in 2008 Azeroth was probably saving up to buy my epic flying speed for my Mekgineer 'copter or Raiding Karazhan. Good times in Medivh's haunted tower. Good times.

This dude must've felt the TKO victory in his arms like a piece of Warlock tier 5 armor, but we still think he went a little overboard, it's never good when you have to be yanked off your defeated opponent via a rear naked choke by the your foe's corner. Ignore the Zuffa esque production values in the beginning and go to about 3:05 to see the craziness go down.

Sometimes these things happen...


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