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Start your Friday the 13th MMA-a-thon in less than six hours with EFC Africa 13

You have to hurry up and devise a plan to convince your boss that you've come down with some horribly contagious sickness though. Just a fake cough won't do. You will need to convince him you've come down with some horrendous stomach virus so that he will tell you to go home and get your disgusting germs the heck out of the office. That way you can spend the next five or so hours collecting snacks and refreshments for a Friday the 13th MMA-a-thon. There's plenty of MMA to watch tonight starting at 430pm EST/130pm PST with EFC AFrica 13 live on internet PPV from Capetown South Africa.

If you have yet to watch an EFC event, tonight should be a good night to get yourself a taste of the African promotion. Tonight features the headline welterweight title fight between Dallas Jakobi and Jadyson Costa and 12 other face smashing fights. You can check out the first two fights on the card for free on this live stream and after that the PPV will only cost you about $25 American dollars. Cheaper than taking your girlfriend out to dinner and you'll probably get more action too.

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