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Tito Ortiz says he may join Brock Lesnar in the WWE after his fight with Forrest Griffin

Regardless of what the gringos tell you, burritos are as native to California as Tito Ortiz.  People who believe they are Mexican are as confused as the people who supported Sarah Palin for president.  For all intensive purposes, burritos are more American than Sarah Palin or Tito Ortiz.  A burrito will never make a promise that it cannot deliver.  If you’re hungry, and I’m a burrito, you will enjoy me inside of your stomach, tickling every taste bud on the way down, while being gentle on the way out of your digestive system; I promise.  There’s nothing more American than that.  Tito Ortiz, on the other hand, will not be gentle on his way out of the UFC.  He has one fight left in his MMA career against Forrest Griffin at UFC 148, and in a recent interview with MMAHeat, he tells Karen Bryant that he might join Brock Lesnar in the WWE.  Somewhere in a little town in Alaska, Sarah Palin will randomly campaign on the idea that if Tito can reinvent his career at age 37, there’s still hope for her at 48 (there is really no hope for her, don’t get your hopes up).


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