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If you think BJ Penn is retired, Renato Laranja thinks you're delusional

It’s going to take you several attempts to understand Renato Laranja’s English if you’ve never heard him before. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s completely normal. You should probably start with this video. Once you’re ready, only then should you click play on the video below. There’s an important message in that video about BJ Penn returning to MMA, but if you struggle with the thick Portuguese accent of the 27 time Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion, you might miss it all together. I missed it the first six times I watched it until I saw the excerpt on that translated it for me. Good folks over there at I’m happy that they took the time to give us hope that BJ Penn will, in fact, be returning to MMA. It’s the best news we’ve heard since the North Korean long-range missile launch screwed-up and fell into the sea this week. Some people say it’s because North Korea doesn’t have the technology, but all of us know better: BJ Penn is training again, and as long as he is, the entire North Pacific is safe.

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