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Alexander Gustaffson comes away with the home country victory over Thiago Silva

It's in the ravishing and symmetrical feature producing Swedish genes to be neutral during wartime. We've seen this time and time again over history. That's why Alexander Gustaffson was such a fascinating example of MMA ferocity in finishing all fourteen of his victories without having to ever acknowledge the judges and their wicked opinions. But then a ring rusted Thiago Silva met the Swede in his home country and all of a sudden the once 'Great, White Jon Jones' turned into a slightly more lethal Carlos Condit with a belt within his grasp. What happened? Gustaffson was close to finishing Silva in the opening moments then it seemed to slip away from him.

Props to Gustaffson though, aside from a few stiff shots he was never in much trouble with Thiago (who wore sunglasses indoors BTW) stalking him around the cage. And he gave Silva a neat hematoma towards the end there too, so that was cool, but the only question that remains is: who does he fight next? I wouldn't mind seeing Gustaffson Vs. Gegard Mousasi. How can we make that happen? Does Strikeforce even have a LHW division anymore?


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