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Dana White doesn't care about Super Fight League, UFC is still going to India

Before Super Fight League was a budding MMA promotion from India, it was an underground organization where all of Mega Man's super villains would go to test out their primary weapon. In fact, it's well known that 'Bubble Lead' was created one Tuesday night in Super Fight League back in the late 80s. Flash Man should sue those guys for copyright infringement. In reality, it would be impossible for Flash Man to sign any contract since he has one over-sized gun blaster as an arm. Jeez, what was his parents thinking? They should have known he would be made fun of the rest of his life with those things. If I were them, I would have opted for surgery when he was a kid and give him an actual arm. What a sad life, this Flash Man.

Dana White doesn't care if you want to be an [expletive] Mega Man super villain. He could care less that Super Fight League exists in India, actually. Dana White wants to bring UFC to India and nothing on this planet will stop him -- not even a cannon armed by a strangely named robot. Check out this video from WHOA! TV of Dana talking about his plans for expansion into India.

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