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Bob Sapp talks about his upcoming KSW fight with Mariusz Pudzianowski in this overly bizarre interview

Last year in our simulated Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand-Prix on EA Sports MMA for MiddleEasy, Bob Sapp manged to cleanly knockout Jeff Monson in the first round and TKO Werdum in seconds in order to advance to the grand-prix finals against Fedor Emelianenko. Unfortunately for Sapp, he became another victim of overhand-right brilliance and was knocked out in the first round by The Last Emperor. The night, Gary LaPlante went on to claim the intangible prize of greatest EA Sports MMA player that ever lived. It's probably the greatest run Bob Sapp has ever had in his career, and now at KSW 19 he looks to -- do something against Mariusz Pudzianowski. Check out this bizarre interview from our Polish buds at

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