• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Dominick Cruz thinks Urijah Faber is a bum and dresses poorly

I once shared an escalator with Dominick Cruz back in the prehistoric 'WEC era' of MMA; before he was the UFC's undisputed bantamweight champion. In the forty seconds we talked, we discussed Miguel Torres and what sort of products he used in his hair to keep its luster. We couldn’t figure it out and decided to part ways when we reached the second floor of a convention center in Boston, MA. It’s still a mystery to both of us. Realistically, it’s not that important. We’re sure it’s something far more luxurious than what Urijah Faber uses since he shaved his head. In fact, Dominick Cruz thinks Urijah Faber looks and dresses like a bum in this sneak peak of this Friday’s episode of TUF Live. [Source]

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