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Junior dos Santos doesn't seem that bothered he's facing Frank Mir, he just wants to knock something out

Junior dos Santos will constantly remind you that however horrible your life is going, it would be exponentially worse if he slammed his right fist inside your mandible. JDS represents a time in early civilization in which facial reconstructive surgery consisted of a dude violently hammer-fisting one's face until the bones rearranged into the desired position. In the industry, we call that 'Caveman plastic surgery' -- although I'm not quite clear on what industry I'm referring to. Regardless, it's a business I want no part in. Let me write about MMA while wearing absurd feline t-shirts in peace. That's how I define my universe. That's right, a universe free from being knocked the [expletive] out by the UFC heavyweight champion.

According to this brief interview, it appears that Frank Mir stepping in for Alistair Overeem has no effect on Junior dos Santos' desire to destroy something beautiful in a horribly forceful method. [Source]

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