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TMO (Too Much Osiander)? There's no such thing

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And, just like that, we deliver dope and exclusive Jiu Jitsu stuff directly to your parents' basement (where you live).  We're not bragging or nothin'.  That's just how it is.

Kurt Osiander is a cult hero in the world of BJJ ad for the best reasons.  He was training BJJ with Ralph Gracie back when I was still working on my bo staff kata at TKFT (that's Torres Kenpo Karate Team in Pico Rivera, CA, to you, sir) in the early/mid 90's.  His knowledge is vast.  His lineage is strong.  He holds nothing back and has little concern for offending your polite sensibilities.  That's what we like about this dude.  He even gets free Shoyorolls, while I have to pay for mine like a regular jack-off.  And, yes, the man has the sweetest hair in Jiu Jitsu.

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