• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Watch this video just to hear GSP name off what he had for breakfast in his French-Canadian accent

It’s hard to truly understand MMA fighters. They generally come to America from various regions of the planet to punch each other in the head and return to their homes with backpacks full of attractive women’s phone numbers. If they ever decide to write books about their lives, they could be composed entirely of memes and they’d be the roughly the length of encyclopedias. Their breakfasts are more interesting than the past decade of my life, and yet, nobody has ever interviewed them asking the most important questions that fans need to know about their favorite fighters. That’s where Joeff Davis comes in. In his first attempt at MMA journalism, he has surpassed Aaron Tru’s entire body of creative work. This guy gets down to business with some of UFC 145’s most memorable athletes to bring you the best video to come out of last weekend in Atlanta.

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