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You: 'I want the suplex!' // DstryrSG: 'You can't handle the suplex!!' (Because you can't)

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Having watched a fair amount of professional wrestling as a child, I consider myself an expert in the takedown known as the suplex (aka souple`).  I've broken many a 7th grade spine that way back in my days at St. Marianne Catholic Elementary.  But, that's just how we do it in the rough gangland known as Pico Rivera, CA.

Actually, I don't know a damned thing about the suplex, despite my many years of high school wrestling.  I even went to takedown camp, but retained about zero percent of that.  The truth is, and I'm speaking from my experience and my general knowledge of others' experiences, most BJJ training doesn't include these kinds of throws. But, the suplex is effective and clearly nailing one in competition will score bigtime with las muchachas (that means ladies, grappler).

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