• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

This musician warns Alistair Overeem he should be careful what he puts in his ice cream

Generally, whenever humans feel the need to eat an animal, we always choose something that we can easily beat up in a street fight. I can never imagine a scenario in which a chicken will give me any problems inside the cage. I'm pretty sure I can outbox 100% of all cows on this earth. But Ubereem, he left humanity long ago. Now he's elevated to a plane of existence where only horse meat will satisfy his cravings. Well, horse meat and ice cream. Lots of friggin' ice cream. At least that's what The Burn Dizzle wants you to believe. Sure it's a pretty lame name for a musician, but the message still remains: 'What is exactly in Overeem's ice cream?' See, a question you never needed an answer to until just now. Now watch some Ubereem-themed piano playing and be highly amused.

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