• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Joey Beltran has cut to 205, and we have the picture to prove it

The most impressive thing about UFC 145 (to me) was Ben Rothwell’s transformation from whatever his body looked like before to what it looks like now. How he managed to weigh in close to the 265lb limit but appear to lose about 30lbs of non-muscle mass is crazier than Snooki being in a monogamous relationship.  His subsequent performance spoke for itself when it came to fight night.  Diets are awful, but their results speak for themselves, and we’re huge fans of hard-hitting heavyweights moving down to fight at light heavyweight.  Props to Joey Beltran for dropping to 205 and sharing this photo with his fist held high, illustrating which hand he wants to place into his next opponent’s mandible.


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