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In case you missed it, Marloes Coenen called out Ronda Rousey at last weekend's Invicta FC

Well, it's finally Monday -- undoubtedly your favorite time interval of the week. At MiddleEasy, we keep on pushing through with news regardless of the day of the week, sort of like a stubborn ingrown tooth, selfishly pushing other teeth to the side just to make way for its appearance into one's mouth. We use dental imagery on MiddleEasy to drive our point home, like a high-pitched drill ruthlessly sawing into your tooth enamel. Our writing styles will completely dominate your senses, like the odor that emits once your rotten cavities vaporize and turn into a nauseous gas that you're forced to smell. You better brush your teeth when you get home, actually that's the entire point of the article. Just kidding, that's not the entire point of the article. I don't care if your gums bleed when you brush your teeth. I just want you to watch this video of Marloes Coenen calling out Ronda Rousey shortly after Invicita FC.

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