• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

You don't want to get kicked by Edson Barboza's sonic boom kicks, but we know you want to watch them

If aliens ever come down to earth and abduct humans to study and steal our genetic makeup in order to destroy us and take over the planet, I just hope that Edson Barboza is never an abductee. If aliens were able to harness the power and speed of an Edson Barboza multi kick attack we'd all be doomed. Imagine an army of aliens just running around disguised as Edson Barboza delivering kicks in combinatons greater than a Liu Kang style fire kick fatality. I shudder at the brutality of that imagery. Edson Barboza has one-upped the firekick fatality and developed his own 'Sonic Boom kicks' for his own war at UFC 146 against Evan Dunham and he wants you to check these kicks out. You might want to break out a little ear protection before you watch this short video though, leg to pad impact is crazy loud.

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