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Brock Lesnar's WWE kimura would certainly make the grandmaster proud

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I think we all know what a huge fan Helio Gracie was of professional wrestling. We've all heard many a story about the Gracie clan's elaborate Wrestlemania celebrations/viewing parties. In fact, I believe it was the great Rickson Gracie who once said (and I'm paraphrasing): “My code of life and my personal bushido is honor, respect, loyalty, courage, surrender and Hulkamania.”

So, Brock is back to the real wrestling - WWE. That's all fine and good, but homeboy needs to crank that keylock a little harder and toward Triple H's head to get me to buy in to it. Just skip straight to 10:38 for the meat n' potatoes, unless you want to get wrapped in the drama and pageantry first (with a 10 minute setup).

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