• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Stephan Bonnar might be the great white ninja, maybe...

Regardless of what Chris Farley led you to believe, Beverly Hills Ninja is based entirely on a fictional storyline. It takes decades of training to become a Ninja and the art of Ninjutsu is not taught to outsiders. If your collegiate years are somehow tainted by this information, I can reassure you that Tommy Boy and Black Sheep were based entirely on factual events.  I can’t really reassure you of that, but pretend for a moment I could: That would ultimately mean that there is the possibility of a great white ninja actually existing.  If he does, chances are he lurks in the shadows of your apart-sized skate park and throws ninja stars at you when you discover his identity is none other than the “American Psycho”, Stephan Bonnar.


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