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Ben Askren proves why he's a frate trane with these pics

Ben Askren doesn't care about our Frate Trane list. He also obviously doesn't give a damn about our Top Ten Fades list. Ben Askren doesn't care if you like him or the MMA trane he chooses to ride in on. All Ben Askren wants to do is win, win, win...and rock the most versatile hair in MMA. Askren's hair is like a hair anomaly. It goes from picked out afro to slick and straight with a few strokes of the flat iron. His hair can go from impersonating Kenny Powers to hanging out with bird-flipping Moms with just a touch of pomade and extra hold gel. Ben Askren's hair hangs out with NCAA wrestling champions. His hair is the frate trane of hair and these pics will prove it once and for all.

Askren as Kenny Powers:

Askren with 2006 NCAA Wrestling champions: Johny Hendricks, Sean Webster, Jake Rosholt, Cole Konrad

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