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We expected a physical throwdown at the Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller weigh-in, here's what happened instead

It's safe to say when Ronda Rousey entered the building at the IZOD center for the UFC on FOX weigh-ins, people literally climbed over people just to be in her vicinity. It was the exact opposite of a bomb threat, if you can wrap your minds around some K-1 level mental imagery. Bauzen attended the weigh-in and was protected by a supremely constructed afro located in front of his field of vision. If you've never visited New Jersey, it's a good place to spend $90 on a ten-minute cab ride. It's impossible to pump your own gas here. They've created a mandate in which every gas station comes with its own attendant that pumps your petrol for you. Pretty bourgeois if you ask me. If you didn't ask me, it's still bourgeois. Karl Marx would hate this place.

The UFC on FOX: Diaz vs. Miller weigh-ins just wrapped up and what we thought would be an overly intense weigh-in between the two main eventers ended up being somewhat of a civil event. Check out our video of the Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller weigh-in below.

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